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Levi and Jennifer co-labor in the ministry of the Most High Yahuah, the great I am that I am, Ahayah, bringing together the people of the Most High through entertainment and the arts.

Levi has over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry with expertise in Artist development/management, video streaming, audio/visual/lighting, music and video distribution and all things related to the entertainment industry.  If he doesn't have the expertise, he is connected with major tastemakers in the industry to assist. His tenacity and love for the Most High is reflected in his demand for excellence and only the best for the chosen people.  He's invested countless hours into renovating our new 6,500 sq.ft. building in Lagrange, GA, home of his Entertainment Business School; Da GOAT Factory Academy.  The school offers students the opportunity to learn about the business of music, audio engineering, various entertainment and business courses; in person, online instructor-led and online self-study.  

Levi foward pic.jpeg

Jennifer has over 20 years experience in Business.  As a serial entrepreneur, she's owned and managed several multi-million dollar entities and owns a patent-pending product.  Jennifer is the Dean of Student Affairs and Admissions at Da GOAT Factory Academy and author of several Business related curriculums including Project Management, Lean Six Sigma and Entrepreneurship.  She possess a Masters in Business Administration, is a certified Fraud Investigator and certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.  Though she holds such prestigious accolades, her first ministry is at home, caring for our blended family of 8 



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